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UNITED VISUAL ARTS LLC � United Visual Arts LLC (uv|a), a New Jersey corporation that I founded in 2006 manufactures and distributes patent-pending frames for digital prints. uv|a is based on the premise that the next art movement is not about a new style or content. It�s about access. Americans want more art, but do not have time for more exhibits or money for original work. Struggling artists are busy making masterpieces, but cannot sell them. uv|a answers this market opportunity with defEYE� productions: affordable, signed, museum-grade digital prints in high-design frames, now available in two sizes. With defEYE� productions, everyone can be a collector. Our vision is an artist�s signature on every wall.

THE NEXT ART MOVEMENT � This is a sneak peak. I am ambivalent about sharing; still very much in incubation phase and a bit stuck there.

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