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"Your Wild Call," 2019. See more at: Nature Breakthroughs.

"Foam for Facebook," 2016.

"Love Story," 2014.

"bubbbls pitch," 2014.

"Newark New Media" at the Prudential Center, 2010.

"Grant Advance Opportunity" by the YES Center, 2010.

"City Murals" by Crey Park Films, 2009.

"LOL @ cWOW" by NJN/State of the Arts, 2009.

"Art for All" by Samantha Johnston and Rosie Uyola, 2008.

Link: Arts and the City: The Arts Scene in Newark, 2008.

"The Artists Lounge" by Royce Toni, 2004.

"Earthwatch, Terrestrial Radio with Robert Knight, 1992.